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We offer 12 Week hybrid programs that are designed to give participating women access to tools, strategies, and the support required to build a strong foundation capable for taking innovative ideas to market, grow a business, and/or advance a product or service

We're excited about the opportunity of working with you.  Should you choose to Join Us in the Next Cohort!

By the end of this program, you will have

  • Nailed down your business vision instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it.  

  • Validated your services/products to ensure they are market ready so your ideal customers are willing and excited to invest in what you have to offer.  

  • Expertly documented and formalized your business structure even if you’re  overwhelmed at the thought of the paperwork.  

  • Developed a high-converting marketing strategy that authentically represents your business in a professional & focused manner.  

  • Leveraged a mix of business processes, procedures, and business documents to have the confidence you need to operate and make money.  
  • Crafted a compelling value proposition and marketing statement to amplify your purpose and your brand and make sure your legacy driven business has the best chance of getting future investment support.  

  • Implemented a new direction in your life to give your business the best possible chance at succeeding and dramatically cut down challenges.  

  • Set up tried and true business processes to shift your idea to a fully-fledged business that’s worthy of investments, grants, business credit so that you can scale your revenue growth more easily.  

But above all else, The BBOP Business Academy will give you the confidence to finally make the inspiring leap to “A Boss Level CEO.”

Get all the tools, resources and support to help you turn your someday dream into a today reality.


You Are Here For A Reason

Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering “It’s time to make my dreams a reality, I’m meant to do more than this…” Or maybe you’re feeling a mix of emotions, anticipation and fear because you’ve got something really important to share with the world, but you haven’t yet figured out how to get started.

That voice you are hearing is correct and your feelings are on point, but you’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can achieve through getting your own business started.

Starting & running a profitable, woman-owned business can profoundly change your life and the lives of those you love.  

We believe that as women, we greatly impact the world and can transform lives when more small businesses are built and run by people like you!  

This is why we’d like you to join us for the BBOP Business Academy. We’ll help you fast-track your startup process, launch an extraordinary business and save you years of expensive trial and error.

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You're a woman in business or just starting a business and we do things differently! Come and learn how to transform you dreams into business reality so you can take your thoughts from being "all over the place" and not knowing where to start, to a step-by-step sequence that will bring you success.


The Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit (BBOP) Center is a Hub where black and brown women can access the space, support and education they need to innovate, become entrepreneurs and elevate their financial acumen in order to build generational wealth. We have truly created a system that works for us and alleviates the pressures of dealing with systemic racism and inequality.  Our Mission is to provide the opportunity for our women to work on their terms in a safe and supported environment.

If that's you...then join us for the next cohort of the BBOP Business Academy.

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